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Braces aren’t just for aesthetics and cosmetic treatments. Wearing braces during childhood is common since kids’ teeth and jaws can be out of proportion. Once baby teeth are replaced by permanent pearls, it can be challenging even for an experienced orthodontist to straighten teeth. According to dentists, maintaining a straight set of teeth can prevent cavities, plaque build-up, and gingivitis. So, braces on crooked teeth can have many benefits that will help you become more confident about your smile. 


Is It A Good Idea To Get Braces On Crooked Teeth?

Braces on crooked teeth can be put on once a kid has their permanent teeth. Dental experts say that children are susceptible to many dental diseases. Even for infants, gum disease can misalign tooth structures and change jawbone alignment. At seven years of age, your kid may need to start visiting an orthodontist clinic to evaluate the teeth’s alignment. Yet, no matter if they’re too young or too old to straighten teeth, it is beneficial to get braces. It is recommended to wear braces as long as the teeth and bones are healthy enough to handle an orthodontic treatment. Don’t skip going to a local dentist and ask about the available orthodontic treatments for crooked teeth. 


Orthodontic treatment benefits:

Ready to get your crooked teeth straightened? Adults that want to fix misaligned upper or lower bite must know the benefits of metal orthodontic appliances or clear aligners options. The dentist will also discuss about issues like migraines, toothaches or jaw clenching that might be related to a misaligned bite. Getting your teeth aligned will help with:

  • Better dental health management
  • Preventing tooth decay or gum disease
  • Crowded teeth or malocclusion


How To Take Care of Braces That Straighten Teeth

Brush And Floss Braces On Crooked Teeth Carefully

Of course, braces don’t show instant results on crooked teeth. So, in order to get rid of dirt and bacteria, make sure you buy appropriate dental care products like a water flosser, an electric brush, or any recommendations from your oral healthcare provider.


Braces On Crooked Teeth

Avoid Hard Food For Two Weeks

You need to eat soft foods for a few days until your gums and teeth adjust to the newly placed orthodontic option. You may want to stick with soups to avoid your jaw from experiencing pain. Bacteria can still grow while you wear your dental appliance. That said, you need to be careful with eating sugary and sticky foods that might get stuck between your braces.


Dental Health Tips From Our Dentists

If you have crooked teeth you might get excited with online DIY home remedies that mimic results of products like clear aligners (Invisalign®), veneers, and traditional braces placed by an expert dentist. Know that this can cause further issues to your oral health so make sure you get a check up by your local dental clinic so that your dentist can assess your dental health and offer you a personalised orthodontic treatment