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Smile is a person’s biggest asset. And when someone tries to hide theirs, there could only be one culprit – teeth problem. Having overcrowded teeth is only one of the common teeth dilemmas a person could have. And inadvertently, people take teeth overcrowding as a less serious case than a missing tooth. However, crowded teeth can impose as much problem or even worse. And if you are someone with crowded teeth, you could attest to the difficulty of chewing and even keeping it clean. Luckily, there are many ways to fix this oral situation.

What Is Teeth Crowding?

causes for overcrowded teethAlso known as crowded teeth, overcrowded teeth, or dental crowding, this situation happens where there is not enough room for the teeth to grow. More often, teeth would compensate for the lack of space in the mouth. Pressing could happen, and issues could arise. Some teeth would sit higher than the others or be pushed behind or ahead of the normal gum line. 

Teeth crowding is often apparent in kids but could happen in adults too. When teeth do not fit the jaw, this will push the teeth to go out of alignment, overlap, and appear crooked. More so, crowding often happens where it is most noticeable -in the upper and front jaw. And from a regular cosmetic problem, having crowded teeth could even lead to serious health problems. Hence, it is essential to seek orthodontic treatment right away when this happens.

What Causes Overcrowded Teeth?

Getting crowded teeth does not happen overnight. In fact, it could be a long, developing process since you were a child. Here are some of the reasons why teeth get crowded and misaligned:


The genes you inherited could result in smaller jaw size or bigger teeth. Either way, this would create a cramped area and pave for the permanent teeth to twist and overlap.


A forceful impact could easily shift teeth position and even cause knocked-out teeth. More so, other teeth could move towards the space when you lose primary teeth too early. Likewise, this event will lead to crowded teeth. 

Poor Repetitive Behaviors

Thumb sucking, mouth breathing, and tongue thrusting are only a few of the early behavioural causes that lead to crowded teeth. With these practices, it could push a baby’s tooth out of the way and cause misalignment on the other teeth.  


Insufficient nutrition and extended consumption of soft food will alter jaw size and also cause overcrowding. 


What Are The Risk Factors Of Not Treating Overcrowded Teeth?

problems in overcrowded teethTeeth crowding brings numerous health and oral issues that may even complicate through time. And even when it does look much of a worry, crowded teeth warrant immediate attention and professional intervention. Without proper resolutions, teeth overcrowding could result in common problems such as:

  • Tooth wear and tear

Since some teeth tend to go upper in a crowded environment, it leaves more work for the remaining teeth. And with an increase in pressure, force, and use, the teeth in the gum line will easily develop abrasion and wearing.

  • Gastrointestinal problems

Less commonly, crowded teeth could also pave for digestive problems to occur, such as heartburn. Without an adequate number of teeth grinding and breaking the food, it forms bad chewing habits. When the foods are not chewed well, it could make digestion difficult.  

  • Oral Hygiene Concerns

Crowded teeth leave a tight room between them. This will make regular brushing and flossing challenging to both kids and adults with crowded teeth. When these areas do not receive optimum cleaning, it will invite bacteria and food debris to set in place.

  • Overall Health Issues

When you have overcrowded teeth, maintaining a healthy oral habit becomes difficult. This makes decay and infection more likely to happen. Aside from gum disease and malocclusion, medical concerns could come one after the other. Development of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes are only a few of the conditions associated with this oral problem.


Braces: Best Orthodontic Treatment for Overcrowded Teeth

Installing metal braces is not only common in fixing malocclusion but also improves the overall teeth condition. This procedure in orthodontics works by slowly moving the teeth in a specific direction. With the bone underneath also changing in shape, it paves for a reliable and effective means in dentistry to fix crowded teeth. There are different types of braces you could choose from, including:

Metal Braces

how to treat overcrowded teethThis orthodontic treatment option often includes metal brackets and wires or bands that fit around each tooth. Most metal braces also utilise rubber bands to keep the wires and brackets in place. Since you cannot freely remove metal braces, it guarantees fast and precise remedy for crowded teeth to grow straight.

Ceramic Braces

The only difference with the traditional type is the colour of the brackets. Compared to the appearance of the metal counterpart, a ceramic brace looks natural while fixing crooked alignment.

Clear Aligners

Contrary to the metal braces, this orthodontic treatment provides a removable option in fixing the issue. Clear aligners are clear plastic trays that have a snug-fitting in the mouth. However, since it is easy to remove, it might not be as effective as the metal braces.


Conclusion On Overcrowded Teeth

Compared to toothaches or even sensitivity, there are not any home remedies to repair crooked teeth. And it is best to invest in professional treatment that will provide a sure way to fix overcrowded teeth. Depending on your situation and preference, there are actually numerous options that will result in a better cosmetic outcome and functionality. Metal braces are only one way to have a long-lasting correction to crowded teeth. Much more, unlike other dental dilemmas, having overcrowded teeth can be detected at an early age. Hence, it may be associated with more complications, but there are efficient ways to treat crowded teeth.


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