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Norwest Kids Dentistry – Effective Dental Treatments for Kids

From the bright lights to all of the dental equipment, we understand how scary a trip to the dentist may seem to children. But, we make sure that your family visit to Dentist Norwest is enjoyable and rewarding for everyone. Our experienced team are friendly and welcoming to everyone that steps through our doors and makes sure that children feel comfortable before any treatment begins. We want children to realise that visiting the dentist isn’t so bad after all!


We are a Safe Haven for Children

There are a lot of clinics that offer kids dentistry services. However, we believe that our team are extra special. Whether you are bringing your infant for their first check-up or your young child is experiencing toothache, our team will welcome the whole family and put everyone’s mind at ease. All our staff are trained and have extensive experience with children in Norwest kids dentistry which means that you know your child is in a safe pair of hands.

When you arrive at the clinic, we’ll make sure you and your family feel at home. In particular, our dentist, Dr Sejal Rai will ensure your child is relaxed before any treatment begins. As a mother of three, kids dentistry is a special interest of hers, with a soft, comforting voice, as well as the years of experience that are required for the job. Your child can receive their general check-up to make sure that their oral health is good, with any issues brought to attention and further treatment arranged.

We believe that every experience is a great time to learn. That is why we take the opportunity to talk to your child about the importance of oral hygiene. This includes explaining how they can brush their teeth properly and why they should brush at least twice per day. We can also provide support and counselling if there is a problem that you or your child are concerned about.


Calming Norwest Kids Dentistry

Of course, children are more likely to be anxious about going to the dentist than adults since it can be an environment they’re not used to. But at Dentist Norwest, we have fantastic ways to settle your child and let them enjoy themselves. Our dental clinic is equipped with innovative and advanced technology to ensure children feel relaxed and comfortable during treatment. This includes having ceiling mounted LCD monitors, which will provide entertainment and a welcome distraction during dental treatment. Your child can watch their favourite television program so they feel like they are at home. In addition, we have soundproofing headphones available too, which will stop unwanted sounds from any of our dental equipment. This can be just what children need to prevent anxiety and feeling scared when they are at the dentist.

If you are looking for a new kids dentist in the Norwest area, perhaps it is time to contact Dentist Norwest. Call us now to find out more about our services or to arrange an appointment for your child.