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For many, braces are a status symbol. For others, they want to get braces for the sake of having a better-looking smile. However, in most cases braces may be quite prices and many people cannot afford them. Many people resort to putting their own DIY braces not knowing the dangers of putting your own braces on. This article will talk about DIY braces, why people should not opt for them and the possible alternative solutions people can do instead. 


What are DIY braces? 

DIY braces are gaining popularity nowadays. People who want to get straighter teeth but cannot afford to get braces think that DIY braces are the solution. After all, they are still braces right? They will still be stuck on teeth and straighten them out eventually. They work the same as the braces that an orthodontist puts, right? 

Wrong. The short answer to all those questions is that DIY braces are not a good idea. They are dangerous because they can cost you your teeth. Just like DIY art projects, when compared to art that is done by a professional artist, there will be an extreme difference in quality. In this case, your teeth will be the ones to suffer most if you opt to get DIY braces. diy braces

DIY braces can come in many forms. People who cannot afford to have an orthodontic treatment done sometimes use any household items to straighten their teeth. Anything from wires to paperclips may be used on the teeth with the intention of straightening teeth. In some cases, DIY braces may produce some results. However, this is not by any means orthodontic treatment and can cause damage and harm to the mouth, gums and teeth.  


Why are DIY braces dangerous? 

Now that you are aware that DIY braces are a bad idea, let’s delve into the reason why you should not get them. DIY braces can cause much damage to a person’s mouth because professional orthodontic treatment has been developed over the span of many decades. Each set of braces is connected to a highly personalized plan that will grant the person straighter teeth and a more attractive smile when the orthodontic treatment is finished. 

DIY is a bad idea because they are not connected to a personalized plan set by an orthodontist, orthodontists know how teeth are supposed to be positioned and what means should be used to guide teeth into their proper places on a person’s jaw. Also, the materials that are used in orthodontic braces are sterile and are designed to be safe for the teeth and the sensitive tissues that surround the teeth. Using random materials as braces may cause damage (and not to mention a whole lot of pain) for the person who chooses to get DIY braces. 


What can you do instead? 

If you need to have your teeth straightened, have tooth malocclusion or just want to improve the quality of your smile, there are other options you can explore instead of DIY braces. You can ask your dentist about clear aligners. Clear aligners are a type of orthodontic device that can help straighten teeth. Unlike braces, they straighten teeth with a plastic tray that is used to guide the teeth into place. Most of the time, the price of clear aligners is more manageable because some dental clinics can offer a payment plan for clear aligners. 

Another option that might be available to you is to ask your dental insurance provider about the options you have when it comes to correcting teeth alignment. In many instances, braces and similar orthodontic treatment methods are considered to be cosmetic. This means that it may not be covered by dental insurance. However, there are some exceptions. It is a good idea to ask your dental insurance provider about this. 

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