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Have you been searching online for a pediatric dentist near me? Generally, oral health issues, such as tooth decay and cavities, are common among children. Hence, finding a good dentist for your child is essential to take good care of their smile while making the visit enjoyable. Give your child a reassuring smile by getting regular appointments with a pediatric dentist combined with good oral hygiene practice. Keep reading to understand the role of pediatric dentists, the first dental visit of your baby, and the different ways to keep your child’s teeth and mouth healthy.


About A Kids Dentist

Kids dentists, also spelled as pediatric dentists, are dental professionals who specialise in treating and dealing with the dental needs of babies, toddlers, and kids. Most of the time, a kids dentist pediatric dentist near meworks closely with a general dentist and dental therapist.

According to the Australian Dental Association, to be a registered specialist kids dentist in Australia, you should have a degree in general dentistry. Then followed by a three-year clinical doctorate in children’s dentistry.

Furthermore, kids dentists can play out various dental treatments for your kid. These include preventative care, treating a cavity, placing sealants and addressing children’s dental emergencies such as dental trauma or a knocked-out tooth.


When Should My Child Start Seeing a kids Dentist?

Children should visit a kids dentist within 6 months of their first baby tooth development or not later than their first birthday. This helps a children’s dentist detect any indications of possible oral health issues early and provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

The earlier your child visit kids dentistry, the more they get used to dental appointments. And the more likely they will care for oral hygiene as they grow up. It is also good to bring your child along to your dental checkups. So that they can see their kids dentist and get more familiar with the dental clinic environment.


Preventive Dentistry For Children

Besides checking their teeth during a dental visit, kids or pediatric dentistry may also recommend preventive dental services to protect them against cavities or other issues. These may include:


Fluoride Treatments

Suppose your kid is in great danger of dental decay. Then, in that case, a pediatric dentist may suggest a fluoride treatment. It is also an essential part of kids’ dental care.

Furthermore, they use it on tooth surfaces after a professional dental cleaning. This typically happening procedure helps strengthen and protect teeth against the bacteria that structures plaque and causes tooth rot.


Pit and Fissure Sealants

Fissure sealants are ideal for children who have pits or grooves on the biting surfaces of their teeth. Your child’s dentist will apply fissure sealants onto the chewing surface of teeth to act as a protective covering for your teeth. Sealing teeth keeps bacteria and food debris from getting trapped in areas where a toothbrush cannot reach.


Sports Mouthguards

Children who play contact sports or other outside exercises should wear a mouthguard. This dental device can help reduce the danger of severe dental injuries and dental emergencies.


Different Kids Dental Care Treatment

Depending on the issues, children’s dental care treatment may incorporate:

White Fillings: This is a standard dental treatment for dental cavities. White fillings can restore teeth’s normal shape and function without influencing their appearance.

Root canals: Root canal treatment may be necessary if the decay reaches the centre of your child’s tooth, infecting the soft tissues of the dental pulp.

Extractions: If tooth decay or dental damage is severe, extracting the tooth may be the only option.


How to Take Care Of Your Child’s Teeth

Dental care practice for kids does not end at the dentist’s office. Your child should also know how to take better care of their teeth daily. These include:


Brushing Their Teeth

Very much like adults, children should clean their teeth two times a day, for 2 minutes each time. Small kids will require your assistance brushing their teeth until they are mature enough to move the brush Dental treatment for childrenappropriately. Also, know that adult or fluoride toothpaste is inappropriate for children under 6. Instead, your dentist will recommend using low-fluoride kid’s toothpaste and ensure they do not swallow the toothpaste.



Flossing is also necessary for children’s dental health. When your kid has 2 teeth in contact, you need to gently clean their teeth using dental floss.


Healthy Diet

It would be best to limit your child from consuming fruit juices, soft drinks, and sugary snacks. Instead, encourage them to eat tooth-friendly alternatives such as fresh fruit and vegetables. In addition, children and their families should drink a lot of water to help clean their mouths and reduce the danger of tooth decay.


Regular Dental Visits

Routine dental checkups with a kids dentist help detect any warning indications of issues before they become a big deal, keeping away from unnecessary pain and expenses. In any case, the dentist will recommend the ideal visiting pattern based on your child’s oral health needs.


Children’s Dentist Near Me

Suppose you are ready to book a dental appointment for your child. In that case, our dentists at Norwest are fully qualified and experienced at providing dentistry for children of all ages. We can help your little ones to be calm and relaxed during their visit to our office. Call our team at Norwest Dental Clinic on (02) 9159 3783 today to book an appointment with us!



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