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When thinking about your dental health, it is not just about how white, shiny, or straight-looking your teeth are. People may be forgetting how to care for their gums and why it is important to our overall health. And sometimes, brushing regularly is not enough. Here are some tips on how to get healthy gums and ensure the overall well-being of your oral cavity.

How to get healthy gums


Brush the right way

Yes, we already mentioned that brushing is not enough to have healthy gums, but we did not mean that you can forego it! Of course, when caring for your oral cavity, brushing is always part of it. Just make sure that you are brushing properly. And we mean brushing your teeth twice a day with up-and-down motion instead of the saw-like rhythm. Using a toothpaste that has the right amount of fluoride in it and regularly replacing your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months will complete the healthy habit.


Floss at least once a day

Gum disease usually starts with plaque and tartar build-up on the sides and small spaces in between teeth. Bacteria that live in it can cause infection to the gums, so it is best that you add flossing in your daily routine to make sure that all debris and food particles that brushing alone can’t remove are eliminated.


Use mouthwash

This minty rinse is not just to make your breath smell fresh. There are many mouthwash brands that help minimise plaque build-up, so adding this to your routine is not a waste of time. Though this method does not replace the benefits of brushing and flossing, there are rinses that help prevent the development of a simple gum irritation into a full-on gingivitis. Just make sure that what you buy has an ADA seal to make sure that it is safe and therapeutic.


Have a lifestyle change

stop smoking for healthy gumsAnd by this, we mean avoiding things that you usually do that would give no benefit for your teeth and gums. For instance, smoking. We all know that this habit will not do our bodies any good, so we should stop as soon as possible. Eating chewy, sugary sweets may leave food for the bacteria and help start an infection, so it is best to avoid consuming them regularly.


Visit your dentist

Of course, ways on how to get healthy gums will not be complete if a dental professional does not monitor your overall dental health. Why? Because no matter how assertive we are in managing our dental routine and how aggressive we may become in making sure that our lifestyle does not affect our dental health in a negative way, only dentists can efficiently check the overall status of our oral cavity. They have the necessary tools and instruments to visualise even the hard-to-reach edges of the teeth and gums, just to make sure that they are optimally clean. Going to the dentist also allows him to give you tips for healthy gums and recommend scheduling of routine dental cleaning to remove plaque build-up that regular brushing can’t.


How to get healthy gums: At-home practices

Here are also things that you can do in order to ensure that the health of your teeth and gums are in tiptop shape.


Oil pulling

This Ayurvedic method is done by rinsing your mouth with one spoonful of either coconut or sesame oil for about 10 to 15 minutes. Many believe that this traditional method provides protection from gingivitis (gum infection) and may lower the risk of plaque build-up.


Mouth cleaning with neem, mango, or tea tree oil

mouthwash for healthy gumsThe earlier-mentioned plant extracts are said to have antibacterial properties that are beneficial to fight gum infections. Studies showed that using a mouthwash with neem plant extract as well as mango extract works the same way as to how chlorhexidine would. Moreover, toothpaste brands with tea tree oil also help in treating gum disease.


Up your vitamin C

If you are thinking of the best vitamins to promote gum health, vitamin C may be the best there is. It is found out that vitamin C helps in preventing gingivitis and other periodontal diseases. You can increase your vitamin intake if you add foods in your diet such as citrus fruits, kiwi, papaya, red bell pepper, broccoli, and many more. Adding a multivitamin and mineral supplement in your list of tips for healthy gums will never hurt you as well, right?


We hope that this article helps you get informed on how you can completely care for your dental health. Remember, it’s not just your teeth that show your beauty. Just give your gums a little more love and attention so you can continue showing off that radiant and healthy smile.

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